Pink is for Boys

Wow. I absolutely love this post. 🙂


Written by Emily

“Mommy, can I have those sneakers when you’re finished with them?”

I’m splayed on the basement floor after a workout. Nothing on my body is dry, and I’m 100% certain that these purple sneakers I wear without socks because they’re more comfortable that way will have to be bagged as hazardous waste by the time I’m finished with them.


“They’ll be too gross, buddy.”

“I’ll probably have to get sneakers from the girls’ section next time,” he adds.

“Oh, yeah. Why?”

“I really want pink sneakers.”

“Maybe you can put them on your Christmas list,” I answer still out of breath and staring at the unfinished ceiling.

“Do you think elves make pink sneakers for boys?”

“We’ll see.”

That conversation happened in October. I anticipated two things happening between October and December 25th when Santa would be expected to deliver on the pink sneaks: 1. my boy…

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